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Grange Park Infant and Nursery School

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Support for Parents

Winter Wellness Directory - Support and Help in Hillingdon

The Winter Wellness Directory, written by H4All and Mind in Hillingdon, is full of contacts and advice about the cost of living, physical and mental health, and emergency food.

Information for refugees

Refugee Education UK

Refugee Education UK (formerly Refugee Support Network) is a charity that aims to help as many refugees as possible with their education when they come to the UK. They have made guides available that show how the education system in England works. Their resources are mainly targeted at Pashto and Dari speakers but they will soon be available for Ukrainian speakers too.

Read their guides here:

Early Help and Team around the Family (TAF)

Many families, at one time or another, need extra support. Early Help and Team Around the Family are ways of helping support your child. If it is decided that you may benefit from either level of support, we will contact you.


The leaflet ‘A Guide to the Early Help Assessment and Team Around the Family’ contains details about each level of support, and what to expect from the process. You can view this below.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

You can find a whole list of resources to help with your child's, or your own wellbeing at the link below.

Every Mind Matters - Mental Health Support

With the sudden increase in the demands on parents and children to learn from home, you might not have time to look after your own mental health or wellbeing, or generally be upset, worried or anxious about what the future holds.


The NHS Every Mind Matters website has plenty of guidance, whether it is a parent, carer, child or other family member feeling worried.

Community Services

Free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and IT classes

Would you like to improve your English skills and be able to communicate more fluently? Or would you like to be able to use the computer more easily?


ACDA, in partnership with the Skylark Community Association, offers local residents FREE ESOL and IT classes at The Grange Community Centre on Pine Place.


Classes run on Tuesdays: the IT class runs from 10am – 12pm, and the ESOL class runs from 12pm – 2pm.


For further information please contact the Training Manager, Vick, on 020 3290 1128 or 07743 408 082.