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Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom as our remote learning platform.

Alongside your child’s usual written homework, we will also produce one homework task each week which is set in Google Classroom.


Google Classroom:

  • Allows us to set a wide variety of work for children
  • Allows parents and children to communicate with their teacher
  • Enables us to make use of a vast range of digital learning resources
  • Allows children to be taught at home in the event of any partial or full closures


How do I log in with my child?

Shortly after starting school, your child should receive a letter with their unique username and password. Please keep it safe.

Once you receive this letter, please try to log on with your child. To start, go to


Please note: You must make sure that you are logged in to your child's Google account when in Google Classroom (and not any other Google accounts), otherwise you will not be able to access your child's Google Classroom page. One way of checking that you have signed in is to check the profile picture in the top right corner; if it contains the first letter of your child's first name, you are accessing your child's account successfully.


Help! I don't know how to log in / I have lost my child's log in details!


If you have any issues with Google Classroom, please email, letting us know your child’s name and class with the problem that you are having.


Google Classroom is asking for a class code. What should I do?


A graphic showing the Google Account icon, displaying the letter 'J', standing for the user's first initial.You should not need to use a class code to access your child's Google Classroom class. Please make sure you have signed in with your child's login details given to you by the school, and that you can see the first letter of your child's first name in the circle at the top right corner of the screen.

If not, click the circle and select your child's account from the list, or tap 'Add another account' to sign in with your child's account.
If you are signed in as your child but are still being asked for a class code, please email


I am trying to use the Google Classroom app on an Android phone, but it asks to install 'Android Device Policy'.


We are aware of this issue and are looking at ways to solve the problem. Meanwhile, we would suggest using your phone's internet browser to access Google Classroom for the time being, or a computer or tablet, rather than the Google Classroom app.


How do I use Google Classroom?


Please see a handy guide for parents about the various parts of Google Classroom and how to use it below.