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Physical Education

In Physical Education, activities are designed to encourage children’s co-ordination and body control, awareness of themselves and co-operation with others. We also take into consideration health-related aspects, for example exercise, healthy eating and safety. PE is taught through:


  • Dance: Pupils are taught to use movement imaginatively, responding to stimuli including music
  • Games: Pupils are taught to travel with, send and receive a ball and other equipment in different ways as well as simple net/striking fielding and invasion type games. They will sometimes be competitive in teams and individually
  • Gymnastics: Pupils are taught to create and perform short, linked sequences of activities that show a clear beginning, middle and end


The PE & Sport Premium grant has allowed the school to expand the teaching and participation in sport and exercise beyond PE lessons. For example, the Marathon Kids programme, where children are encouraged to run the equivalent distance of four marathons over the course of the school year, has greatly helped to enhance children's skills and abilities.